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Alinta Krauth

New media artist Alinta Krauth is interested in using interactive artworks to engage audiences on issues of sustainability, animal extinction, and climate disruption. While fairly new on the art scene, she has already created a series of works illuminating the plight of Australian native animals, some of which have reached global audiences in exhibitions in the USA and Europe. Alinta creates screen-based animations, as well as projection mappings (making a projected video perfectly fit a 3D shape) onto sculptures made from recycled parts.

Alinta Krauth - image taken by alinta krauthsmall

Her next installment in this vein is “All Your Old Devices Miss You”, a projection mapped installation in Melbourne’s Gertrude Street Projection Festival (10 July-19 July 2015), about sustainable living and throw-away culture. Alinta is particularly interested in electronic waste, and how many users of current electronic devices are not aware of the vast amounts of waste that large corporations seemingly force on them by making products with limited lifespans. The name itself – All your old devices miss you – tries to instill old and thrown away devices with a personality – sad and rejected when no longer used. Alinta believes that it may be the lack of care and sentimentality for these items that makes them so easy to replace.

Alinta Krauth 2

The artwork itself is a site-specific projection mapping that will be set up in the sustainable furniture shop ‘El Lobo’. The work will involve a mixture of film and cartoon visuals mapped to a large wall hanging, created in the El Lobo workshop. Together, they create a hybrid creature – half real and half projected. Throughout the night, the visuals begin to break apart, and fall down. Pieces erode and float away from the wall, losing purpose. But why throw it away, when it can be fixed? The concept of repair is visualised by small hammers that immerge on the scene, and fix the entire artwork back into position again. Both Alinta and the store she will be residing in for the festival are keenly interested in a future where humans once again learn (and enjoy) fixing, rather than throwing.

Colonise2_Alinta Krauth

As well as being an artist, Alinta volunteers for several different environmental organisations, and moonlights as a nocturnal mammal surveyor. This, coupled with growing up in the Gold Coast hinterland, has made the environment around her close to her heart. Alinta says that a future avenue for her artworks like this would be to create interactive versions, where the audience must decide whether to repair the broken art, or throw it out and start again. I know which one I would choose…

triangle_sculpture_projectionAlinta Krauth

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