Who is Keep Australia Beautiful?

We are a not-for-profit environmental organisation which was established in 1968 by Dame Phyllis Frost, a lady who had a vision for a litter-free Australia.

Keep Australia Beautiful is a federation and has an office in each state and territory, which are all run separately.

We are often confused with Clean Up Australia and associated with Ian Keirnan. However, we are a completely separate organisation and run programs throughout the entire year focusing on all aspects of sustainability.

What do we do?

Keep Australia Beautiful National Association runs a variety of programs.

Sustainable Communities Awards

Ever driven through a country town and seen the sign [insert town name] is a Tidy Town? Well, that’s our program. The Sustainable Communities Awards promote environmental sustainability in communities and consists of

  • The Australian Tidy Towns Awards for regional/rural areas
  • The Australian Sustainable Cities Awards for urban areas
  • The Australian Clean Beaches Awards for coastal and inland waterways.

Beverage Container Recycling Grants

We also have a grants program called the Beverage Container Recycling Grants. Coca-Cola has assisted the KAB network to run this program since 2010. The program gives communities the opportunity to obtain funding for recycling infrastructure where it is needed most.


How do I know if my community is eligible to enter Tidy Towns or Sustainable Cities?

Check with your state KAB office and they will let you know if you are classified as a town or a city for these awards.

The LITTLE Committee

Our previous campaign from 2012, The LITTLE Committee was a team of young Australians tackling litter issues nationwide. It has been found that people over the age of 15 litter the most, with those under that age hardly littering at all. So we put together a team of top thinkers under the age of 15 to help sort out the country’s litter problem.