Jill Grant – Tidy Towns Judge

Jill Grant

Jill Grant has over 20 years experience working on strategy and sustainability issues with government and non-government organisations. Her training in agriculture, education and natural resource management has allowed her to develop and manage a range of policies and programs relating to: climate change; ecotourism; regional development; environment industry development and sustainable energy, waste and water management initiatives.

Jill has worked closely with all levels of government in Australia and with some international organisations including IUCN and APEC. She has also been involved with the development of the Murray Darling Basin Plan and consultations for associated water and climate related research.

Her extensive stakeholder and facilitation experience (including the development of several national strategies and subsequent program development) and the administration of an environmental benchmarking program for the travel and tourism industry have given her strong insights to the essential elements of sustainability and the importance of community engagement to successful implementation. Her program management experience has also given her a comprehensive understanding of risk identification and contingency planning.

In the delivery of the “National Ecotourism Program” and the “Regional Tourism Development Program”, Jill was regularly engaged with local governments and not for profit bodies who were the main recipients of grant funding.  The development and implementation of a Strategic Framework was a pre-requisite for funding access and she is well aware of the constraints and challenges faced by multi-stakeholder processes in regional areas.

Jill’s participation in the CSIRO led “Sustainable Communities Initiative” developed her understanding of the diverse and complex range of economic opportunities and community led interactions that allow regions to thrive in the long term.  After training as a leader in the “Climate Reality Project” in 2012 Jill has developed a deep understanding of the factors underlying climate change and the likely points of vulnerability and their implications. She has also presented to a wide range of stakeholders (including business and community groups and tertiary students) on this and other sustainability issues.

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