Mika Lodsman – Admin and Programs Support Officer

Mika Lodsman

Mika is really nit picky. She executes the world’s slowest origami folds when she can find the time, and to unwind she thinks there is nothing better than to spend a lot of time on the couch with a crochet hook and a generous supply of yarn.  She also doesn’t mind a bit of housework because everything in its place makes her very happy.

Mika does on occasion actually leave the house for extended periods.  She loves road trips touring Australia’s magnificent National Parks, and especially enjoys the part where she has to stare at maps for great lengths of time.  She really can’t get enough of maps.  She chose to sub major in Geography at the University of Wollongong just so she could spend that many more hours looking at and interpreting maps.

She has a fantastic basil pesto recipe and is really good at making meals involving fewer than six ingredients.  She is even better at avoiding cooking altogether, and has been known to sit down to a dinner of red wine and cheese.

Mika holds qualifications in sustainability, natural resource management, and administration.

Most recently she has worked with Alfalfa House Community Food Cooperative, Randwick City Council, and Sydney Bush Regeneration Company where she did all sorts of nit picky things including weeding grasses from grasses.  She’s terribly excited about working with Keep Australia Beautiful and gets a little overwhelmed whenever in the company of our ambassador Agro.

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