Lion’s J Boag & Son Brewery in Launceston

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The Keep Australia Beautiful National Association, in partnership with Lion, are proud to announce the Adopt a Patch program in Launceston. This national initiative will harness volunteers from Lion manufacturing sites to help Keep Australia Beautiful transform litter-strewn public places into areas of natural beauty for the wider community to enjoy.

Work began removing litter and weeds, and will progress to improvements like planting native shrubs and flowers and ongoing maintenance. Team members at Lion’s J Boag & Son Brewery in Launceston had earmarked a plot alongside the North Esk River that was overgrown with weeds and litter. This environmental eyesore was transformed into little pieces of paradise for Launceston locals to walk, sit and take in the view of the riverbank.

The Keep Australia Beautiful Adopt a Patch program engages local communities and manufacturing sites to improve patches of community land on their doorstep. The program develops a sense of place by empowering local employees and communities to take action and improve their community spaces in line with local needs.

Keep Australia Beautiful CEO Peter McLean said, “Adopt a Patch identifies, engages and supports active communities. Keep Australia Beautiful is able to provide a framework in order to give resources and support to community groups and local manufacturers looking to make a difference in their local area.”

Jerry Wylie, Operations Director at the J Boag & Son Brewery in Launceston said: “We all want to live and work in places we can be proud of so our team is very pleased to be joining Lion colleagues around Australia to Adopt a Patch here in Launceston.

“We saw that this plot of land near the North Esk River had great potential and with some hard work from our team, we’re pleased that we have made it a more pleasing space the whole community can enjoy.”

Launceston City Council Mayor Albert van Zetten said: “It’s fantastic to see a local businesses like Lion getting behind Keep Australia Beautiful and taking the initiative to enhance a public space here in Launceston. We wholeheartedly support this initiative and look forward to seeing the outcome.”

The Adopt a Patch program is sponsored by Lion, one of Australia’s leading beverage and food companies. This projects is part of Lion’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, and in particular to reducing litter in the communities surrounding Lion’s manufacturing sites.

Off to the Patch

Off to the Patch