Beverage Container Recycling Grants


In 2015 Keep Australia Beautiful awarded 4 Grants to the Northern Territories totalling $30,500 for Beverage Container Recycling Programs.

The Beverage Container Recycling Community Grants Program, funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation and Coca-Cola South Pacific in partnership with Keep Australia Beautiful, has in the past six years invested more than $2 million in local community projects that demonstrate a measurable result in diverting beverage containers out of landfill, through increased recycling at a local level.

Case Study:

East Arnhem Regional Council –  Milinigimbi

Keep Milingimbi Beautiful

East Arnhem Regional Council holds a monthly Community clean-up day which aims to reduce community litter, and work for continuous improvement of the Milingimbi environment. The project is event focused and includes a community BBQ and speaking session at the end of each successful clean-up day. Traditional owners, Community Elders and other relevant organisations all have an opportunity to speak to participants to encourage community participation and to communicate the link between a clean environment and a healthy country.

It was identified that a lack of appropriate equipment was a barrier to future participation in the monthly Milingimbi clean-up day. The Beverage Container Recycling Program Grant they received enabled The East Arnhem Regional Council to acquire appropriate equipment to help support the monthly Milingimbi clean-up day as well as recycling bins to be placed in problematic litter zones.

This project has brought the whole of Milingimbi closer together. By reducing waste and recycling, we’ve helped the whole of community.” – Owen Roberts, Council Services Manager, East Arnhem Regional Council

MacDonnell Regional Council

Public Place Recycling Bins

MacDonnell Regional Council has recently developed parks across thirteen communities, most of which had no parks or playground infrastructure previously. These areas are now frequented by community members and visitors, with many areas experiencing increased tourism. The Council’s research identified parks in the communities as one of the main litter hot spots.
The Beverage Container Recycling Program Grant they received enabled MacDonnell Regional Council to purchase 13 modular wheelie bin surrounds that were installed at specific litter hot spots in each community. In addition to improving recycling services across 13 communities, the project has helped raise awareness within Indigenous communities regarding recycling beverage containers.

“The project has assisted in diverting a significant amount of recyclable material from the community landfills. The project has also raised awareness in indigenous communities on the subject of recycling, and assisted with keeping areas of the community where bins were installed clean and attractive.” – Graham Murnik, Director Service Centre Delivery, MacDonnell Regional Council

McDonnell Regional Council