Litter is down by 9%


The 2015/16 National Litter Index (NLI) survey counted 9% less litter when compared to last year. This is no small feat, and Keep Australia Beautiful applaud Australians who do the right thing and use the right bin!

For the last 11 years, Keep Australia Beautiful has counted litter at across almost 1,000 sites. This survey, which is jointly funded by industry and government, is Australia’s only long-term, quantitative survey of litter.

Since 2009 our survey has found the following reductions of litter items:

  • 36% less cigarette litter
  • 24% less beverage container litter
  • 29% less takeaway food packaging related litter
  • 22% less plastic bag litter
  • 30% less litter in total.

Details of past NLI surveys can be found on our website and details of our latest 2015/16 NLI survey will be made available in October 2016.

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