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Bondi Beach in New South Wales won Environmental Sustainability at the Keep Australia Beautiful, Australian Clean Beaches Awards 2015.

Media release.

Bondi’s Assessor for Clean Beaches described the efforts to keep NSW’s most iconic beach environmentally sustainable as ‘Herculean’, and commended the strategic management that the number of visitors and unique status of the beach requires.

Initiatives include:

  • Waste management is an enormous undertaking at Bondi Beach which caters for numerous public events throughout the year as well as large daily visitation. Along the Beach promenade, there are approximately 30 public place recycling (PPR) stations, and mounted cigarette ashboxes on the side. Litter audits are undertaken on the sand to assess litter volume and items.
  • Waverley Council developed a stormwater harvesting scheme at Bondi Beach, which harvests and re-uses stormwater previously discharged into the ocean at the southern end of Bondi Beach This innovative scheme was built to treat over 50 million litres of stormwater per year, delivering recycled water for irrigation, toilets and public cleaning at BondiBeach.
  • There have been recently completed projects to carry out energy retrofits of existing light fittings in Bondi Park, Queen Elizabeth Drive car park, Bondi Pavilion and pedestrian footbridge to LED lighting, saving over 70 per cent of the previous energy usage rates.
  • One of the key activities includes managing the remnant vegetation at the southern end of the beach, whichaims to increase vegetation cover across Bondi Park to improve the local habitat over the coming years.

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