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Guilderton in Western Australia won the Keep Australia Beautiful, Australian Clean Beaches Award for 2015. Guilderton also took home the award for Environmental Education.

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Projects include:

  • A timber stairway leading from the outlook gazebo at the top car park down to the ocean beach, with a mid-way look-out platform and seat. This stairway is not only to provide safe access to the beach, it will put an end to the destruction of the dune caused by people walking all over the dunes to get to the beach. At completion, we will be fencing off the pathways carved out through the dunes by reckless access and commencing a clean-up (of invasive weed species) and revegetation program.
  • The North Guilderton Coastal Restoration Project was the inspiration of Guilderton Community Association. The coastal area to the north of Guilderton, close to the lighthouse, is an area of exceptional beauty, however, unfortunately tracks forged by unrestricted off-road vehicles have destroyed much of the unique native vegetation in this area, and have caused serious dune erosion.
    • They will close off most of the tracks, and erect cable fencing to protect the most vulnerable areas.
    • Use signage to explain the conservation values of the area, and recognise the Yued people as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land, and the importance of this natural habitat to their cultural and spiritual beliefs.
    • Establish additional walking trails, with interpretive signage identifying points of interest and various plant species.

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