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Contain Your Waste

#ContainYourWaste is all about focusing on WASTE REDUCTION and setting your own personal goals.

Whilst it’s important to recycle and reuse, reducing waste at the source is the most effective and efficient way to make a genuine impact in Australia, to decrease the amount of litter we find in our streets and public areas.

So for 1 week, we challenge you to choose an existing container from around the house – a jar, a tub, or a bucket and contain the amount of waste you produce that week to the capacity of your container.

You can try this challenge ANY TIME during the year, it doesnt have to be in NOVEMBER, but we still want to hear from you and see how you went, so dont forget to tag us @keepaustraliabeautiful #ContainYourWaste

You’ve chosen to #ContainYourWaste.

YAY! Now what?

  • Step 1: Make it official. 
    Register for the Contain Your Waste Challenge today, and help us Keep Australia Beautiful!

  • Step 2: Pick your container. 
    You don’t need to go and buy a container to #ContainYourWaste, reusing is key! Get searching for an old jar, ice-cream tub, laundry bucket, or small bathroom bin to help get you through the week! A lid is important to keep everything contained.

  • Step 3: Get your household prepared for the week. 
    Plan out your meals and shopping lists, try out a bulk food store, get cooking or baking rather than buying pre-packaged food, and compost, compost, compost!
    Remember, recyclable items don’t count towards your waste for the week and should be disposed of properly in the correct bins.

  • Step 4: Be a Bin-Fluencer and Inspire others.
    Be a Bin-Fluencer and rally up some healthy competition with your friends, family and work colleagues to see who can Contain their Waste for 1 Week! Bonus points if you can continue this behaviour after the challenge is over!

  • Step 5: Upload your video or photos (optional).
    If you’re up for the extra challenge, please record your waste efforts over the week and upload your video or photos to Keep Australia Beautiful here. We would love to see how you contained your waste throughout the week, and we’re keen to hear what you found challenging about the experience.

    #ContainYourWaste  @keepaustraliabeautiful

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Reusing soft plastic depends on what you have stored in it.



  • Compost food waste
    Avoid overfilling your container with food scraps and divert your household food waste from landfill by placing it in your home compost bin.

  • Make a weekly meal plan and shopping list
    Think ahead, plan your meals for the week and shop smart. Try to use products readily available in your household. Avoid excessive purchases and only buy essential items with compostable or recyclable packaging.

  • Go DIY for the week
    Challenge yourself to discover new ways to be creative around the house. Cook it, bake it, make it or mend it yourself.

Examples of items that count towards your week’s WASTE.

WASTE = non-compostable / non-recyclable

Your Local Council is responsible for waste management. Always check your Local Council Website for the correct use of kerbside bin use and local drop-off recycling, composting or alternative waste disposal.

What is the difference between Biodegradable and Compostable plastic? A plastic bag labelled "Biodegradable" is still a plastic bag.
Contain your waste and create new habits. Think about substituting items with environmentally friendly items.
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Choose a container that suits your household and get prepared for the week.

Register your interest in the below form & then upload you videos / photos at the end of your challenge (optional).

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Show us how you Contain Your Waste

We want to see how you reduce your waste this year. Don’t forget to tag: #ContainYourWaste @keepaustraliabeautiful on your socials!

See our Brand Manager, Laura Carrazza explain the Contain Your Waste Challenge she did last year in 2022 (Note that RedCyle was available at the time this video was filmed in August 2022 – so your soft plastics will now go in your container :(!)

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