Dob in a litterer

It is generally recognised that litter prevention needs an integrated approach involving education, infrastructure and enforcement.

Each year we use Keep Australia Beautiful Week to raise awareness of important environmental issues via a national communications and publicity campaign. The ‘Trash My Ad’ competition encourages students to create a Litter Prevention TV or Radio Commercial. Keep Australia Beautiful runs education and schools participation programs in most states and territories.

Resource recovery and litter abatement-infrastructure is a key element in the judging of the Australian Sustainable Communities Awards. Coca-Cola currently funds the Beverage Container Recycling Grants administered by Keep Australia Beautiful. Dozens of local communities across the country receive funding each year to increase the recycling of beverage containers.

In many states and territories council officers and/or police can issue littering fines. Members of the public can also get involved through the ‘Dob in a Litterer’ scheme. In states and territories where this scheme exists it can result in a warning letter or a fine being issued to the person responsible for the litter.