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Thursday 17 October 2013
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The Federal Election took place 40 days ago, and representatives of The Keep Australia Beautiful LITTLE Committee are encouraging the public who are still seeing corflute and other election signs attached to light posts, fences and staked in the ground to contact them. Armed with the correct information, these 10 young representatives from the relevant State or Territory in Australia will report it, requesting to have the signs removed before they have the chance to become litter.

Members of the public simply need to snap a photo of the offending sign, and send it along with the date and location via facebook.com/thelittlecommittee, or email the Leading Integrated Taskforce Tackling Litter Everywhere at media@little.org.au.

The LITTLE Committee will write a letter to the signs owner, being a candidate, an MP, or other political party, requesting that they remove their sign. It is the responsibility of the political party to take their signs down, and leaving them up for too long after an election could contribute to litter, damage to property and public assets, as well as being eye sores.

Mia Vissenjoux, Chairperson of The LITTLE Committee said that “election signs are known to get blown off telegraph poles in windy weather, or just deteriorate so that they become litter items by the sides of roads, train lines, and in the street. Candidates need to set an example and remember to clean up after themselves.”

Corflute signs can be reused and recycled in a variety of ways. They can be donated to your local school or Reverse Garbage for craft activities, used a tree guards, or even drawer dividers.

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About The LITTLE Committee

Statistically speaking, people over fifteen years old are the worst offenders when it comes to littering. For reasons unknown, once people turn fifteen they begin to litter more heavily and continue to do so for the rest of their lives.

That’s why Keep Australia Beautiful has put us in charge of fixing the problem.

We’re all kids under fifteen, hand picked to join The LITTLE Committee, determined to put an end to adults littering in Australia. Our job is to become the new face of litter in Australia though advertising campaigns, in the media and by meeting with important people.

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