Funded Project – FAQ’s

My project has changed from my original application, can I still use the grant funds?

The grant must be used for the purpose described in the application. If at any time the stated use of funds can’t be completed in the manner described and submitted in the application, including any diversion from submitted project timeframe, the recipient must contact KAB immediately to discuss alternative options for the use of funds.

Do I need to submit an Acquittal Report?

Yes, reporting information is used for our internal assessment and review, to ensure KAB’s financial accountability to our funding partner and to inform future grant-making decisions. The acquittal process also allows us to share your experiences with similar organisations and with our broader stakeholders.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions on this page to familiarise yourself with your reporting requirements.

What if I have unspent funds after the completion of my project?

Please contact the KAB programs coordinator to discuss any unspent funds.

How should I acknowledge the sponsorship?

On acknowledgement of your application’s success, you will be given an opportunity to select from a range of promotional materials such as stickers, posters and plaques that clearly display the Beverage Container Community Grant logo.

Can I design promotional material that is relevant to my community?

Yes, however the Beverage Container Community Grant logo must be prominently displayed. Artwork can be supplied at request and any alternative promotional material must have written approval from the KAB communications manager.

Will my project be promoted by the Beverage Container Recycling Grant team?

Yes. The Beverage Container Recycling Grant team will promote and report on the funded programs to its stakeholders, and the community through internal and external communication channels.

Will I be requested to participate in any media activities to promote my project?

Yes. The Beverage Container Recycling Grant team may request grant recipients take part in media activity whether this be a photo opportunity, media call or sign off on a quote for media activities.

Will a Beverage Container Recycling Grant team member visit me regarding my project?

Yes. A Beverage Container Recycling Grant team member may, where appropriate, visit the project site before, throughout and after the funding period, at a time agreed by both parties.

If your question has not been answered please contact the KAB team via email or on 02 9687 9396.