Join thousands of caring Australians who are passionate about keeping our communities clean, green and a more beautiful place to live. Thanks to simple steps we can take every day, everyone can get involved – from individuals to brands and organisations.

Reduce Litter in Your Neighbourhood

Why not get your school, sports team, neighbours, or workplace involved in a neighbourhood litter clean-up? By undertaking a clean-up, you can identify key litter issues and work together to find ways to reduce waste and litter in your area.

Corporate Volunteering

The Adopt-a-Patch Program is a fantastic way for organisations to engage their employees in team building activities that are also great for the environment and will improve the community in which they work.

Ways to Donate

By making a tax-deductible philanthropic donation to Keep Australia Beautiful you are directly helping to fund a wide range of environmental programs and initiatives.

Get Your Organisation Involved

Use conversation work for your next team building day or run a workplace fundraiser to give back to your local community.