Grant Application – FAQ’s

Is my organisation able to apply for a grant?

All community groups and organisations with a current ABN are eligible to apply for grant funding from the Keep Australia Beautiful, Beverage Container Recycling Grant program, provided their project has a focus on the recycling of beverage containers.

I don’t have an ABN, can I still apply?

Yes, but you will need an organisation with an ABN, who you work closely with, to auspice your project. You must have approval and relevant information (e.g. ABN, contact details) from the auspice organisation before you apply.

Will you provide funds to a school or a business?

Yes, but you must be sure that your grant application demonstrates a benefit to your local community, beyond your organisation.

How do I apply?

All applications must be completed in full using our online system located on the KAB website.

Can I submit a hard copy application?

No, in line with KAB’s commitment to environmental sustainability these grants are paperless and all grant applications and subsequent reporting must be completed online.

How much money can I apply for?

You can apply for grant funding between $1000 and $20,000.

Will you part-fund a project that will require us to find additional funding to complete the project?

Yes, applications that request part-funding will be considered as long as there is clarity around the specific part of the project work to be funded and additional funding sources are clearly documented.

We have received funding through the KAB, Beverage Container Recycling Grant program previously, are we eligible for this round?

Yes! Past recipients are encouraged to apply provided you have fully acquitted your previous grants.

However, as we prioritise projects that have longevity beyond the funding period we will not fund projects identical to those previously funded. You must be able to demonstrate that this is either a new project or the next phase or an expansion of the existing project with distinct objectives and project plan based on what you have learnt.

Can I submit more than one application?

Yes, but please be sure that each of your applications are for different projects with unique objectives and project plans.

If my application is successful will I receive the full amount applied for?

Due to the volume of applications, the grant amount may vary from the original amount requested in the application. For example, you may have applied for a grant of $20,000 but been awarded $10,000.