Grant Assessment

All grant applications undergo an initial assessment by the KAB programs coordinator.  At this stage, you may be contacted to request further information or discuss the project.

Eligible projects will be reviewed by a committee of KAB staff and representatives. The ultimate decision for grant approval lays with the Keep Australia Beautiful CEO.

Each year we receive more worthy grant applications than we are able to fund. Priority will be given to applicants who:

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the litter and recycling problem in their community and have identified evidence-based solutions;
  • Have identified clear project objectives and a solid methodology to evaluate the success of their project;
  • Provide an accurate project budget with all resources identified including sources of additional funding if applicable;
  • Demonstrate a plan to instigate community behaviour change, not simply installing waste management infrastructure;
  • Have proven a community-wide benefit;
  • Demonstrate a plan to engage a wide and diverse group of stakeholders in project delivery;
  • Prove that their project can continue after the initial support from the grant.

Prepare to succeed: the key elements to a successful waste management program

Key Elements

Successful applicants

We aim to contact all successful applicants via phone or email by Monday 1 August, 2016. A letter of offer will be emailed to you shortly after confirming the success of your application and outlining the succeeding steps.

Unsuccessful applicants

All unsuccessful applicants will be advised via email. All decisions by the KAB grants review team are final and no review will be entered into. Critique on unsuccessful grant applications is not routinely given but you may email the KAB programs coordinator for specific feedback. Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to apply in future grant rounds.