Grant eligibility

All grant applicants must be a legal entity within Australia with a current ABN or work closely with an organisation who is willing to enter into an auspice agreement.

Any group or organisation is invited to apply for grant funding provided they are able to prove:

  • Their project has a focus on the recycling of beverage containers away from home and improves recycling and waste management infrastructure and/or educates the public on the importance of recycling;
  • Has benefits for the whole community.

Grants must be able to be completed in full and final report, including project audit, submitted by February 20, 2017. 

What will not be funded:         

  • Individuals;
  • Political organisations or activities;
  • Project expenses incurred prior to grant allocation;
  • Project activity that is implemented outside of Australia;
  • In the case of schools or business – Projects that solely benefit the applicant organisation without a demonstrated benefit to the wider community will not be funded.