Grant Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the Keep Australia Beautiful, Beverage Container Recycling Community Grants program:

1. If an Application does not comply with these terms and conditions, it will be ruled invalid and withdrawn from consideration.

2. By applying for a grant, applicants and recipients agree to abide by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with the eligibility criteria and guidelines on the KAB Beverage Container Recycling Grant website before Applications are submitted.

3. By submitting an Application, applicants and successful grant recipients consent to KAB using and disclosing the information provided for the purposes of conducting the KAB Beverage Container Recycling Grant program, reviewing, processing and awarding the grants and any other matter connected to or incidental to the program, including marketing and promoting both the program and KAB.

4. Any funding received from KAB must be spent solely for the purpose of the approved Application project, and within the time period stated in the KAB Beverage Container Recycling Grant Application Form. This period must be completed by February 20, 2017.

5. Any grant from the KAB Beverage Container Recycling Grant program excludes GST.

6. If, at any time, the purpose of the grant funded project no longer exists or the project is no longer able to be achieved in the manner described in the Application submitted to KAB, the grant recipient must advise KAB of this immediately and discuss alternate options.

All projects must be completed by the end date specified on the application (“the Completion Date”). Any extension of the Completion Date must be approved in writing by KAB.

7. KAB may vary the amount of the grant provided through the program at its sole discretion.

8. KAB’s financial assistance to the grant funded project must be acknowledged, regardless of the amount of funding. To acknowledge the KAB Beverage Container Recycling Grant program’s financial assistance, recipients must display the KAB Beverage Container Recycling Grant logo as provided. Grant recipients will be provided with promotional goods such as stickers and plaques acknowledging sponsorship. Should the recipient decline the use of the supplied promotional material in favour of the use of their own artwork the KAB Beverage Container Recycling must be prominently displayed and approved in writing by KAB prior to production.

9. All promotional material, advertising, media releases and other material containing the KAB Beverage Container Recycling Grant logo, or any reference to KAB funding via the KAB Beverage Container Recycling Grant program, must be submitted to, and approved by, KAB prior to production or release. KAB reserves the right to make amendments prior to the release of the material.

10. KAB will promote and report on the funded programs to its stakeholders, and the community through internal and external communication channels, including but not limited to online, social media, in KAB sites, website publications, advertising, editorials, newsletters, reports, and promotional displays.

11. Upon KAB’s request, grant recipients will supply KAB with photos, quotes and materials which will become the property of KAB, who will use them for marketing and promotional purposes. Recipients must be prepared to provide a representative to attend potential media opportunities organised by KAB at an agreed upon time.

The grant recipient must ensure that all rights, consents, licences and permissions have been obtained prior to submitting images. Images sent to KAB should include captions, names of any people pictured and any acknowledgements required. The provision of information and images will be taken as permission to reproduce and publish.

12. The grant recipient must provide KAB with an online interim report and a final report. The reports will be made available to the recipient online and it must be provided by the due dates specified.

Grant recipients must be prepared to provide:

  • Project evaluation, including audit data, supported by pictures of the project during or after completion and testimonials from participants;
  • Income & expenditure reporting with supporting receipts for purchases.

Recipients that fail to complete the reporting process will be noted and their remaining funds may be withheld and applications for future grant rounds may be declined.

13. The provision of any financial assistance will only be deposited into a bank account held by the nominated organisation upon receipt of a Tax Invoice. Grant funding will not be deposited into accounts of individuals.

14. KAB is not liable for any additional costs associated with submitting your Application or the taking of a grant. Should the actual total project costs be more than the proposed project costs, KAB will not be responsible for payment of, or be obliged to pay, any monies additional to the notified grant amount.

15. KAB is not liable for any loss, damage and/or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with, or as a result of, the KAB Community Grants program, use of a grant, or participation in the program.

16. The grant recipient must keep and maintain adequate insurance (including public liability insurance) for the activities carried out in relation to this program, or projects the subject of this program, against any claims for loss or damage to property and/or injury or death to persons.

17. An authorised KAB representative may, where appropriate, visit the program project site before, throughout and after the funding period, at times agreed by both parties.

18. The grant recipient must repay the full or relevant part of the granted funding to KAB within thirty (30) business days after it receives a formal notice from KAB if:

a) KAB has overpaid the grant recipient; or

b) As at the grant funded project’s completion date, grant monies have not been spent in accordance with the approved Application;

c) KAB loses confidence in the recipient Project Manager to successfully complete and/or run the project and another suitable Project Manager cannot be found;

d) Failure to fully complete the interim and final reports without reasonable circumstances and without notification of problems/setbacks to KAB prior to due dates.