Judging guide

Entries for these awards should address the following broad criteria:

 1. Innovation and/or best practice

How do your projects demonstrate innovation and/or best practice in the way your council/community group does business or delivers services to your community?

2. Process and Planning

How did you determine what changes were required to improve, e.g., consultation re your business practices and/or how to better meet your community’s needs? (e.g., consultation processes, needs analysis, etc.). How?

 3.  Benefits

What are the benefits of your projects? Who benefits and how?

 4.  Transferability

Could other councils/community groups adopt your initiative(s)? How?

 5.  Commitment

To what extent do your projects demonstrate ongoing commitment to sustainability, ie, embracing social, economic and environmental factors?

 6.  Reporting

To what extent do your projects report on measureable sustainable outcomes?

Primary criteria

Innovation – How does the initiative/project go beyond existing good practice?

Efficiency – Do projects offer good value for time, money and effort?

Delivery – How was the initiative/project delivered? Was it on time, to plan and on budget?

Results – Can you demonstrate you achieved the results you expected – did it fall short in any areas or did it exceed expectations?

Measurable results with any relevant facts and figures should be included to support entries.

Secondary criteria:

Cultural change – How is the entry leading changes inside and outside of your organisation/community?

Planning – What sort of research and development was carried out before the project/initiative was undertaken?

Transparency/knowledge sharing – Are the details of the entry available within the public domain? If so how can they be accessed?