Past KAB Week campaigns

KAB Week 2010 – Out and About Recycling

Out and About Recycling

In 2010, KAB Week was held from Monday 23rd August to Sunday 29th August.

The focus in 2010 was on public place recycling to help reduce litter on our streets and waste needlessly being sent to landfill when people are out and about.

With only just over half the total 43.5 million tonnes of waste Australians produce each year being recycled, we all need to find ways to help increase the amount of waste we reuse and recycle instead of simply throwing it away.

Whilst around 90% of households have access to kerbside recycling and 99% of people say they are participating in some form of re-use or recycling at home, we continue to produce waste at unsustainable levels.

A major challenge for us all is to find ways that we can recycle more when we are away from home. By recycling more when we are out and about, it means our rubbish can instead be recycled into new products. This reduces our use of natural resources and means less rubbish in landfill.

Many councils, venues and businesses are introducing public place recycling bins, so it’s up to us all to do our bit and start recycling our empty drink bottles and cans, rather than throwing them in the rubbish bin. And, if you can’t find a public recycling bin nearby, then make the small but valuable effort to take your empty containers home for recycling.

As part of their involvement in Keep Australia Beautiful Week, Principal Sponsor Hungry Jack’s will be launching a three-month beverage container recycling trial with the support of Coca- Cola. Look out for the brightly coloured recycling bins in selected Hungry Jack’s stores, as well as other public place recycling bins in your local area.

Keep Australia Beautiful will also be announcing the recipients of the Beverage Container Recycling Grants, funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation, during this year’s campaign.

Check out the KAB Week website pages to download a wide range of tips and resources to help ensure you are recycling right, and to find out what your rubbish is being ‘reincarnated’ into.