Past KAB Week campaigns

KAB Week 2011 – Dropped on Land, Kills at Sea

Dropped on Land, Kills at Sea

Held from 22nd – 28th August with two key themes: “Dropped on Land, Kills at Sea” and “Where does your rubbish go?” to highlight the harmful impact litter has on our waterways and wildlife.

Around 8 million items of litter enter the marine environment every single day. Around 80% of this is washed from land, with cigarette butts, food and drink wrappers and fishing gear making its way into our oceans and rivers through run-off from storm water drains, or being left on beaches and river banks.

This litter is harming and even killing our marine mammals and other wildlife through entanglement and ingestion, with at least 77 species of marine wildlife found in Australian waters being affected.

Meanwhile, our rubbish is also forming massive floating garbage patches out to sea, one of the largest being the North Pacific Gyre, otherwise known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Twice the size of France and growing exponentially, this garbage patch is threatening to become one of the great ecological disasters of our time.

This “Plastic Bag Monster” was created by Slovenian artist Miha Artnak who collected 40,000 used plastic bags and 7,500 used plastic cups to create the “Plastic Bag Monster” artwork. Photo source:REUTERS/Francois Lenoir