KAB Week 2012 – Don’t Rubbish Our Roads!

Don’t Rubbish Our Roads!

KAB Week National Litter Index Media Release

Keep Australia Beautiful Week 2012 runs from Monday 20 – Sunday 26 August.

This year, Keep Australia Beautiful is targeting motorists and holiday-makers, calling on all road users to stop rubbishing our highways and roads with litter.

In the annual National Litter Index, highways and roads are second only to industrial sites, in terms of volume of litter, indicating that many Australians are not doing the right thing with their waste during their travels.

Each year, tens of thousands of tonnes of takeaway wrappers, cups, cigarette butts, drink cans, water bottles, newspapers and more are being littered along our roads and highways, which can ultimately end up in our rivers and oceans.

This poses a threat to people and the environment, and can cause injury to animals and marine life, through polluted and unsafe water ways, bushfires from lit cigarette butts, and food scraps littered on or near busy roads and highways.

So, this year’s campaign is reminding all Australians that litter doesn’t just look ugly, but can be harmful and is costly too!