KAB Week 2013 – Littering is Wrong Too

Littering Is Wrong Too!

The annual Keep Australia Beautiful Week campaign ran from Monday 19th to Sunday 25th August – and this year we reminded people that ‘Littering is Wrong Too!’

We had nearly 1000 of you go to LitteringIsWrongToo.org.au and enter your funny, tacky, silly or just plain wrong, wrongs.

KAB Week 2013 launched around the country on Monday the 19th including Nova street team promotions in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Here’s some photos of the ‘wrongs’.

See the NOVA street teams in action for the launch of KAB Week

The results of the annual National Litter Index were also released during the week to reveal just how much, and what type of, rubbish continues to litter our streets, beaches, parks and other public places.

Step dad

The “Littering is Wrong Too” campaign was originally launched by our friends Keep America Beautiful, who have kindly allowed us to expand this concept into Australia.

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