KAB Week 2014 – Butt it and bin it

Butt It and Bin It – 2014KABWeek10years

Cigarette butts consistently feature at the top of the list of littered items in Australia – and it’s time to butt out and bin it!

Keep Australia Beautiful Week takes place from Monday 25th to Sunday 31st August 2014.

Once again cigarette butts have topped the list of the most commonly littered items in the National Litter Index and in response, Keep Australia Beautiful is calling for a national Butt Free Friday during the annual Keep Australia Beautiful (KAB) Week.

It is time for smokers pick up their act. We’re urging smokers to make a conscious effort to ‘Butt It and Bin It’, instead of taking the lazy option of flicking their butts onto the ground.

  • A staggering 20 million cigarette butts are flicked onto the ground every day in Australia, which equates to around 7 billion per year.
  • Cigarette butts contain toxic chemicals including arsenic, cadmium and toluene (paint thinner).
  • They’re plastic and aren’t biodegradable which means they can take up to 10 years to break down.
  • They pollute our waterways, our parks, our streets and our beaches, and are a danger to our wildlife – and are ugly!

2014 is our 10th anniversary of KAB Week and we’re urging all Australian’s to help keep our beautiful country clean.

The good news is that anyone can help with our littering prevention programs by supporting the new Litter Fighting Fund at litterfightingfund.org.au.

National Litter Index.