KAB Week 2015 – It’s Everyone’s Backyard


It’s everyone’s backyard

Monday 24 – Sunday 30 August 2015



Tidy Aussies are being urged to keep their waterways, roads and neighbourhoods as clean as their own backyards during Keep Australia Beautiful Week.

From 24-30 August 2015, Keep Australia Beautiful (KAB) will be reminding all Australians what an amazing, and beautiful country we have. However, it won’t stay beautiful if we don’t clean up our act when it comes to litter.

The annual event will be launched this year in Sydney on Monday 24 August at Circular Quay East, 10am.


At the launch you will get a chance to meet the new Keep Australia Beautiful Ambassador Agro, followed by a day of free events and activities including an interactive three-dimensional chalk installation.

We have deliberately chosen to launch #KABWeek in one of the nation’s most iconic and scenic locations with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

Millions of pieces of litter are dropped across Australia each year and Keep Australia Beautiful hope that this year’s KAB Week theme It’s Everyone’s Backyard will encourage people to think twice before dropping their rubbish.

KAB will be challenging all Australians to consider what their beautiful country would look like if there were no rubbish collectors or cleaners employed to pick up all the litter that gets left behind. They work hard to keep our playgrounds, streets, parks and beaches free from litter but can’t do it on their own.

During KAB Week, we all need to make a commitment to stop and look around, and make sure that our national pride is reflected all around us.

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About Keep Australia Beautiful Week.

Keep Australia Beautiful Week is held late August each year, to raise awareness about the simple things  we can all do in our daily lives to reduce our impact on the environment and encourage action.

The results of the National Litter Index are also released during this time, which is a count of litter by number and volume at 983 sites across Australia.

Keep Australia Beautiful Week 2015 is sponsored by the Department for the Environment.


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