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Friday 27 September 2013
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CEO of Keep Australia Beautiful stands by its partnership with Coca Cola. Peter McLean highlighted that KABNA have a productive and strong partnership with Coca Cola, in light of today’s assertions by Fairfax media that KAB is run by Coke.

“There is nothing to defend, it is well known that Keep Australia Beautiful works in partnership with industry and corporate Australia to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, Coca Cola is one of these partnerships.  We use this funding to distribute community recycling grants across Australia. Without such partnerships, KAB simply wouldn’t be able to deliver these community outcomes.” Peter McLean said.

“We aren’t activists, we work in partnership and wield our influence by working in collaboration, we keep people and organisations at the table and our door is always open.  This is our heritage and this is what our founder Dame Phyllis Frost would be proud to see us doing, this was her ideals which continue today.”

Dame Phyllis Frost’s words are today as relevant as they were almost 40 years ago during her KAB address saying “If the battle against litter pollution is to be won – we must have [industry] work in co-operation with us…These people are not the monsters that some would like to have us believe.”*

Keep Australia Beautiful are interested in practical and holistic action to keep all litter rates reducing and improve our environment. There are 10 options on the table before Ministers, and options which only address small portions of the litter stream simply aren’t the best in our view.

The $300 annual cost to consumers under a container deposit scheme is the administration cost of running such a scheme, even if the public return their bottles. CDS is an expensive solution to operate compared to alternatives that are already established, cover all packaging materials and are achieving results – which is why running a CDS alongside other recycling initiatives doesn’t work. This independent analysis and cost is all outlined in the PICRIS.

“We simply won’t be deterred from negative stories which seek to discredit the hard work of our organisations and its numerous volunteers who continue to make their local communities better places to live, work and visit.” Mr McLean said.



  • KAB receives funding from Coca Cola to run a community grants recycling program.  This makes up 26% of the national funding but only a 7% portion of the entire state and territory networks funds which are made up of government, sponsorship, membership, grants etc.
  • $441,000 from Coca Cola was distributed to communities wishing to improve beverage container recycling as part of our Beverage Container Recycling Grants program.
  • KAB works in partnership with organisations such as Coca Cola and this particular partnership has achieved almost 200 community recycling grants which has recovered over 340 tonnes of recycling and installed almost 1500 recycling bins.  These results wouldn’t have been achieved without this partnership.
  • Based on the current PICRIS research, KABNA supports Option 2b as the preferred national packaging recycling / litter reduction strategy as it targets all types of litter.  This is based on the research in the National Litter Index.
  • Each of our boards are made up of community representatives passionate about Keeping Australia Beautiful, one of these board members in each State holds a position on the national Board along with 3 other independent board members.  No board members are industry representatives and KAB is governed independently and by no one else.
  • *(Taken from the 1975 KAB Launch Address which is on our website

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