Litter Lessons on Day of Love

Wednesday 12 February 2014




A new survey has shown when it comes to a potential partner Brisbanites consider nose picking, texting on a date and chewing with an open mouth worse than throwing rubbish out of a car window*.

Keep Australia Beautiful National Chief Executive Officer Peter McLean said the independent Valentine’s Day survey had some surprising results.

“Nose picking is seen as more of a deal breaker in a potential partner than throwing rubbish out of the car window,” Mr McLean said.

“Picking your nose is disgusting enough but littering is far worse, keep your dirty habits to yourself and keep Australia beautiful.

“If a new partner talks with their mouth full, it’s considered worse than if they drop a cigarette butt on the ground.

“However, picking up rubbish off the ground was a turn on, with more than 46 per cent of respondents considering it an impressive trait in a new partner.”

Mr McLean said the results varied throughout the age groups and from state to state.
“It’s only the younger generations aged 18 to 29, who say dropping cigarette butts on the ground is worse than talking with a mouthful,” he said.

“These attitudes are really concerning given more than 20 million cigarette butts are dropped on the ground every day across the country.

“Year after year our National Litter Index shows that smokers are the worst litterers with butts continuing to be the most common item collected.

“While people aged between 35 and 39 rate nose picking, texting during a date and chewing with an open mouth all bigger turn offs than throwing rubbish out of a car window.”

The survey also showed that across the nation recycling at home was considered a desirable habit in a new partner.

“This shows that the message of a holistic approach to waste reduction is certainly resonating with some Australians,” Mr McLean said.

“It’s interesting to note that more men than women see recycling at home as a desirable trait in a new partner.

“There are also more men than women who think it is worse to throw rubbish out the car window and drop cigarette butts on the ground.”

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* Pure Profile KAB Valentine’s Day Survey Feb 2014

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