Lunching littlies urged to join the litter fight

Wednesday 28 January 2015



Litter free lunch

Australian parents are being urged to send their kids back to school with litter free lunch boxes this year for the sake of their children’s health, the environment and hip pockets.

Keep Australia Beautiful CEO Peter McLean said litter free lunch boxes were a perfect way to cut waste, save money and help tackle the rising rates of childhood obesity.

“The average brown-bag lunch from home creates up to 30 kilograms of rubbish per child each year – lunch waste is a third plastic, a third paper, and a third food,” Mr McLean said.

“On the other hand, litter free lunches cut out two thirds of the packaging and can cost 40 per cent less to make.”

Mr McLean said packaged snack foods such as chips, biscuits, cereal bars and crackers in school lunch boxes also contributed to Australia’s rising obesity rates with one in four  children being either overweight or obese.[i]

“Cutting down on packaged food reduces litter but it also encourages healthy eating,’’ Mr McLean said.

“Kids eat a lot while they’re at school but it’s important they’re getting the right fuel for energy and concentration.’’

Education Programs Manager Stacey Passey is calling on teachers and parents to play a more active role in keeping schools and their students healthier.

“We are working alongside parents and students to make this the norm, and learn about food waste, packaging and litter,’’ Ms Passey said.

“Litter free lunches are good for kids and good for the planet!”


1 ham salad sandwich                $1.55

1 serving of yoghurt              .30

1 apple                                    .65

1 carrot                                   .35

2 tablespoons of hummus   .40

stainless steel spoon            0

water                                      0

packaging                                0

* Using reusable sandwich, drink and other containers rather than plastic or paper

1 ham salad sandwich         $1.55

1 yoghurt in a small tub        $1

1 muesli bar                           .72

1 apple                                    .65

1 sandwich bag                     .11

1 juice                                     .45

1 plastic spoon                      .5



$3.25  per day

$16.25 per week

$650.00 per school year

Savings: $346 savings per year


$4.98 per day

$24.90 per week

$996 per school year


Media contact: Lachlan Clark, Sequel PR – (07) 3251 8139 / 0434 313 066

About Keep Australia Beautiful: Keep Australia Beautiful is the national peak body on litter prevention. With more than four decades of experience in engaging Australians to care for their local environments, (not to be confused with Clean Up Australia Day) KAB Programs include Sustainable Cities, Tidy Towns, Clean Beaches, National Litter Index, Eco-Schools, Adopt a Patch, and Keep Australia Beautiful Week in August.

The KAB National website is where all information on the organisation can be accessed including the National Litter Index, which is Australia’s only independent nation-wide litter research.


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