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Tuesday 8 April 2014



Keep Australia Beautiful may have an opportunity to play a part in unfolding the mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 by assisting with the search for any possible debris that may wash ashore in Australia.

This is possible thanks to Keep Australia Beautiful’s international partnerships and continued collaboration with various like-minded stakeholders around the globe including The University of Hawaii’s International Pacific Research Center (IPRC).

The IPRC, which has been mapping projected trajectories of marine debris since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan and more recently from Super-Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, has mapped possible trajectories of marine debris if MH370 crashed below latitude 40S.

Researchers have advised that its possible debris could wash up on our southern shores and have requested assistance from Keep Australia Beautiful to keep an eye out on our beaches.

The IPRC says the earliest debris may wash ashore is June 2014 along the southern coasts of Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania (see map).

Keep Australia Beautiful is asking you to inform your local councils, clean-up groups and volunteers in those areas to be aware and prepared in case any of the debris does wash ashore and if anything remotely suspicious is found to inform the relevant authorities.

Debris to look out for includes things like rafts and life vests.  Other heavier parts of a plane like the wings, wheels and heavier parts won’t wash ashore.

Until the plane is found, all possibilities must be explored.

Marine debris MH370 map

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