KABC NT promotes conservation of natural resources and encourage positive community behaviour and attitude regarding pollution, waste minimisation and recycling.

Our mission is to develop and implement programs that encourage Northern Territory people and their communities to protect, conserve and enhance their environmental wellbeing and associated living conditions.

Our primary objectives are to promote, support and recognise the efforts of the Territory people and communities through community projects that improve living conditions with particular emphases on litter reduction and waste management in remote communities.

Our goal through our activities is to improve the environmental and social outcomes for all communities in the Northern Territory.

We encourage and recognise enterprise and capacity building in Northern Territory communities, through organising regional forums and workshops.

In partnership with governments, councils, businesses and communities we encourage the adoption of best practice environmental management.
KABC NT has the public profile and network infrastructure needed to provide a resource and referral centre that not only maintains effective communication with regional and remote communities but also provides an information ‘hub’.