Our rich history

Dame Phyllis Frost

Dame Phyllis Frost

Address for the official launching of the K.A.B.C (NSW)
Dame Phyllis Frost – 27 February 1975

Keep Australia Beautiful National Association Ltd (KABNA)

  • 2017 Young Reporters for the Environment Australia commenced
  • 2014 Eco-Schools Australia commenced
  • 2014 Adopt a Patch program commenced
  • 2012 The LITTLE Committee commenced (ending in 2014)
  • 2011  National Bin Network (Australia’s Litter Action Plan) Pilot Trialled
  • 2010 Beverage Container Recycling Grants funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation
  • 2010 Keep Australia Beautiful Week featuring away from home recycling
  • 2009 Governor General accepts role as Patron of KABNA and hosts the Australian Tidy Towns Awards
  • 2009 Judging visits for the Australian Sustainable Communities Awards consisting of Tidy Towns, Sustainable Cities and Clean Beaches
  • 2008 Branded Litter Study published
  • 2008 KAB ‘Green Ribbon, cause marketing program commenced
  • 2007 Australian Sustainable Cities Awards commenced (urban awards commenced VIC 1992, NSW 1994)
  • 2007 KABNA registered as a deductible gift recipient ie tax deductible organisation
  • 2005 National Litter Index recommenced
  • 2004 Canberra office sold, March 22
  • 2004 Full time Executive Officer appointed based in Sydney
  • 2002 Australian Clean Beaches Awards commenced
  • 2002-2004 National programs administered by QLD office
  • 1998-2001 National programs administered by SA office
  • 1995 National Litter Index discontinued
  • 1990 Approx 1994/5 Australian Environmental Awards for Schools
  • 1991 Australian Tidy Towns Awards commenced (Tidy Towns, a concept borrowed from Ireland, commenced in Australia in WA in 1968)
  • 1974/5 “Dopes Rubbish Australia” and “Pig” television campaigns launched
  • 1970’s CARE AWARDS and Golden Broom Awards
  • 1972 Gough Whitlam launches ‘Live Without Litter Week’
  • 1971 Keep Australia Beautiful National Association commenced, formed by KESAB and KABVIC (Dame Phyllis Frost and Colin Hill)

Keep Australia Beautiful Council (NSW) N.L.

  • 2015 The Blue Stars launched (replacing Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns, Clean Beaches, Sustainable Cities)
  • 2015 Take the Pledge launched
  • 2014 First Litter Congress held
  • 2013 Community Litter Grants
  • 2012 Rebranded to Keep NSW Beautiful
  • 2011 EnviroMentors registered
  • 2010 Graffiti Action Day
  • 1975 KABC (NSW) commenced

Keep Victoria Beautiful (Keep Australia Beautiful Council (VIC) Inc.)

  • 2015 KABV becomes independent from Sustainability Victoria on 1 July
  • 2009 KABV joins with Sustainability Victoria on 1 July
  • 2008 Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria to celebrate its 40th Anniversary – November
  • 2007 New Directions Partnership developed with Sustainability Victoria – December
  • 2007 Tidy Towns VIC celebrates its 25th anniversary
  • 2006 Clean Site – An environmental program for the residential building industry launched
  • 2005/06 National Litter Index commenced
  • 2005 Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria Gift Fund entered onto the Register of Environmental Organisations and receives endorsement as a deductible gift recipient
  • 2005 Invited to join the Victorian Litter Action Alliance (VLAA) as the community group representative in 2005
  • 2004 Sustainable Cities launched, replacing City Pride
  • 2004 Clean Beach Challenge launched
  • 2004 Keep Australia Beautiful Week commenced in current format
  • 1994 Stationeers – Right on Track program formed
  • 1992 City Pride program launched
  • 1983 Tidy Town name and logo registered
  • 1982 Tidy Towns launched
  • 1972 Adopt a Highway commenced in Victoria
  • 1968  15th November, Dame Phyllis becomes the first chair of Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria
  • 1968 Early focus on litter prevention, reduction & beautification throughout Victoria
  • 1968 Established by Dame Phyllis Frost AC, DBE, DSocSC (Hon)
  • 1965  The State Wide Civic Pride program begins in Victoria,  a forerunner to Tidy Towns
  • 1963 The National Council of Women of Victoria, Dame Phyllis starts a committee to conduct an anti litter campaign in Victoria in 1964

Keep Australia Beautiful Council (Qld) Incorporated

  • 2009 Brisbane Spotless Suburbs commenced
  • 2009 Healthy Queensland awards commenced
  • 2008 Sustainable Cities commenced
  • 2008 EnviroEd Tours ceased
  • 2004-2007 Clean Site program commenced
  • 2003 Launched Australian Clean Beach Challenge
  • 2002 Adopt-A-Road commenced
  • 2001 EnviroEd Tours commenced
  • 2000 Green and Healthy Schools commenced
  • 1998 Clean Beaches awards commenced
  • 1974 Tidy Towns awards commenced
  • 1971 Commenced by RACQ Royal Automobile Club of Queensland

Keep Australia Beautiful Council (WA)

  • 1997 Friends Group formed
  • 1996 Eddy Tamlin retired
  • 1994 Wildflower litter bag series issued
  • 1990s Ray Meagher was on KAB Recycling; ‘Stow it, don’t throw it’; Towards a Litter Free Environment (umbrella); Drop Something Sport?’ ‘Keep Western Australia Beautiful’ sticker; sticker: ‘A message from Bunyip Bob:  ‘I don’t think you oughta drop garbage in the water’ Coast Care; Music lyrics, ‘Let’s do it for WA’ written and recorded by Ken Walther (produced for KABC WA
  • 1980 KABC WA became a statutory body, Litter Act 1979 regulations proclaimed, Tidy Towns signage introduced for approach roads to towns
  • 1979 WA Litter Act formalises the role of Keep Australia Beautiful WA
  • 1974 Eddy Tamlin started  Tidy Towns judging visits, then in 1980s, a star rating system operated.
  • 1974 Keep Europe Beautiful International Conference Programme – London October: Eddy Tamlin, titled Executive Director, KABC Inc, on group discussion ‘Littering of seas, lakes, rivers, waterways and shores’
  • 1970-90s Programs: Cleaning up roads (litter bags), Site clean ups, Captain Clean-up developed by Channel 9 Perth, Coast Care, Ranger of the Year Award, Litter Reporting
  • 1971 Keep Australia Beautiful Council (Western Australia) was incorporated on 14 Oct 1971. The incorporation was cancelled on 9 Jun 1980
  • 1971 Eddy Tamlin appointed as Executive Director aged 36
  • 1969 17 March: Inaugural Tidy Towns award luncheon at Palace Hotel
  • 1968 Tidy Towns commenced in WA (based on Irish community pride model)

Keep Australia Beautiful Council (Tas) Incorporated

  • 1985 Incorporated
  • 1980 First Tidy Towns program
  • 1971 KABC (TAS) Commenced

Keep Australia Beautiful ACT (a subcommittee of KABNA)

  • 2005 First participation in Sustainable Cities
  • 1995 Last participation in Tidy Towns
  • 1980s Active

Keep Australia Beautiful Council (NT) Incorporated

  • 2015  Eco-Campus Pilot Trialled
  • 2014  Keep Timor-Leste Beautiful and Keep Indonesia Beautiful projects commenced
  • 2013  Eco-Schools Pilot Trialled
  • 2012  Cash for Container Scheme implemented
  • 2012  4 Gold Star rating commenced (under Territory Tidy Towns program)
  • 2011  National Bin Network (Australia’s Litter Action Plan) Pilot Trialled
  • 2011  Australian Community’s ‘Clean-up Book’ Launched
  • 2010  KABC(NT) Corporate Clean-ups commenced
  • 2008  Litter Rating Index implemented NT
  • 2007  Northern Territory ‘Clean-up Book’ launched
  • 1981 Territory Tidy Towns commenced
  • 1980 TALC – Territory Anti-Litter Committee commenced
  • 1976  Certificate of Incorporation as an Association
  • 1974 The ‘Beer Can Regatta’ commenced (now administered and operated solely by the Lions Club). A major tourist attraction event.

KESAB environmental solutions (SA)

  • 2016 KESAB celebrates 50 years!
  • 2015 Winner of the United Nations Association of Australia Environmental Sustainability Education Award, Litter Less redeveloped and launched, Junkcraft product range launched
  • 2014 Enviromethod Brand launched, “Food Scraps in the Green Bin” household organics campaign, Recycle Right training for local government waste officers, Road Watch General Safety Handbook produced for volunteers
  • 2013 Litter Kills roadside litter awareness campaign, Cloth Nappy Library program, commercial Waste Audit Team, Waste to Sculpture recycled art competition
  • 2012/13 SA claims the trifecta of awards at a national level, winning Sustainable Cities (Marion), Clean Beaches (Goolwa) and Tidy Towns (Victor Harbor)
  • 2012 First Butt Free Australia Day held in October
  • 2012 Wally and the Wipe Out Waste Wizard
  • 2012 Bore to Tap program started in APY lands in partnership with SA Water
  • 2011 Recycling Art  calendar competition in partnership with Recyclers SA
  • 2010 Australia’s first Reverse Vending Machine launched in June
  • 2008 Tidy Towns re-branded to Sustainable Communities
  • 2007 Partnership agreement NRM Education commenced
  • 2006 Implemented Wipe Out Waste program in partnership with Zero Waste SA
  • 2006 Opened Statewide Recycling Education Centre
  • 2006 Palya Clean Communities program
  • 2004 Commenced Government Service Agreements waste and litter
    Winner of Video Award of Excellence for Clean Site Program
  • 2004 Please Butt It Then Bin It campaign commenced
  • 2000 Re-badged KESAB environmental solutions, Purchase and relocate premises to Flinders Park
  • 1996/97 Road Watch program introduced, Gutter Guardian, Shop to Shore, Butt Out
  • 1994/95 Waste Watchers program introduced to schools
  • 1992/93 Smart Business Awards, Correctional Services roadside clean-ups
  • 1990 Commenced Litter Index (new methodology)
  • 1988/89  “Litter Can Be Lethal” television campaign, Paperchase program
  • 1986/87  Conservation In Action (for Schools) and Super Suburbs (Councils)
  • 1984 Purchased Building (Glen Osmond)
  • 1978 Introduced CDL
  • 1978 Commenced Tidy Towns
  • 1977  Campaigns for on the spot littering fines
  • 1974/5 “Drop Something Sport?” campaign launched, again in 1980/81
  • 1972/73 Founding Member of Keep Australia Beautiful National Association, Ecology Clubs in schools, “Live Without Litter” week April 9- 15, first national litter survey conducted
  • 1970/71  First year at the Royal Adelaide Show
  • 1966-1969 “Put It In A Bin” campaign launched, car litter bags distributed
  • 1966 Incorporated as Association in August, first anti-litter campaign