A BIG THANKYOU to Haymes Paint, the 2023 Partner of Paint Australia Beautiful!

Without their generosity and valuable contributions, the 2023 Schools Competition would not have been possible.

Haymes Paint is proudly supporting the Paint Australia Beautiful Schools Competition for 2023, encouraging school kids around Australia to become inspired by their natural environment and create a mural at their school.

Think. Design. Create. WIN!

ONE primary school from each State / Territory will have their murals supported by Haymes Paint, who will provide $750 to each winning school to buy paint, paint brushes and equipment to complete their murals.*

#PaintAustraliaBeautiful @keepaustraliabeautiful @haymespaint

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The story of Australia’s first family of paint.

Born in Ballarat in 1935, Haymes Paint is the outcome of Henry Haymes’ passion to provide quality and innovative paint and coating products to all Australians. Over the years, each family member has taken care to hand on the commitment and passion for crafting quality products. After all, it is our name and reputation on the can.

But that doesn’t mean that we have been resting on our laurels.  We’re driven to bring new and innovative products to market, ensuring our customers always have the best.

We live and breathe our values of individuality, independence and integrity. It’s why you can be sure we’ll never treat you like a number and never take shortcuts with the quality of our products or our service. We remain committed to supporting other family-owned businesses whether that be the local Paint Specialists and Hardware stores that stock our paint or the professional trade painting contractors who use Haymes Paint every day.

Today our family run business is led by the third generation of Haymes. We are still Australian Made and Owned and based in Ballarat, where it all began.

With a network of 58 Haymes Paint Shops and 35 PaintRight stores and partnering with more than 220 independent paint specialists and hardware stockists across Australia, every Australian has the opportunity to experience Haymes Paint.

To learn more about Haymes Paint visit haymespaint.com.au


Australias First Family of Paint – SINCE 1935

Haymes Paint values sustainability and are commited to producing paint that lasts.

Why is it important to you to support school participation in Paint Australia Beautiful?

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