Paint Australia Beautiful 2025


Keep Australia Beautiful and Haymes Paint are encouraging primary schools around Australia to get creative and submit their nature-based mural design to

Paint Australia Beautiful for the 2025 competition.

8 winning schools (1 from each State/Territory) will WIN $500 CASH* & $750 in paint/supplies* from Haymes Paint.

This inaugural competition inspires students to think about their local environment and how to care for it. By letting their imaginations soar and expressing vision through a mural art project, students are encouraged to work collaboratively with their class mates.

After painting and unveiling their murals, State Winners take to social media and rally votes to win the National People’s Choice Award and major prize of


*Terms & Conditions Apply: “Paint Australia Beautiful Competition” & “National Peoples Choice Award”

KAB has partnered with Haymes Paint as a major sponsor to help eight lucky primary schools, one from each state and territory, to bring their mural to life.


Learn more about what makes Haymes Paint such a Great Australian Brand and why they want to lead the way in supporting primary schools and the environment.


Let your students’ imagination run free and picture their vision on a large scale through a nature-based wall mural.

A giant reflection and celebration of your local environment and sustainability within in your school and community.

We want your primary school to let the ideas flow and think big!

Think MURAL big!

Design your mural

  • Think Environment
    What do you see when you think of protecting our waterways, reducing waste or lowering emissions?

  • Think Colours & Images
    What colours and images showcase the amazing natural spaces in your community?
  • Think Story
    Is there a story to tell in pictures, of your community’s hopes for our natural environment, of how it protects and celebrates our amazing ecosystems?

2023 saw the launch of Paint Australia Beautiful. We received hundreds of mural submissions around the country and we shortlisted them down to 12 murals.

From the shortlisted murals, the public voted for their favourite from each State / Territory and we were left with six winning schools!

Our 6 State Winners, completed their murals throughout July / August 2023 and we took these designs to social media for a final vote for the National People’s Choice Award.

#paintaustraliabeautiful & tag @keepaustraliabeautiful & @haymespaint
then share the
voting link, get the most votes and WIN!*

  • When is it?
    Paint Australia Beautiful – Schools Competition, officially opens in Term 1 2025. We welcome you to register your interest prior to this date in the form below.

  • How to enter?
    Brainstorm your ideas as a class or school, then put your pen, pencil or paint brush to paper and start designing your proposed wall mural. (We suggest using at least an A3 piece of paper to give yourself plenty of room, and design in full colour).

    In your application, your primary school will upload a photo of your proposed blank wall (Approx 10-20sqm), along with a photo of your mural design, and an explanation about your mural, why it was chosen, and how it connects with your local environment.

  • When do submissions close?
    Submissions will close around Term 1 Holidays. Entries will be judged, and shortlisted finalists will be announced for each State/Territory. Public voting will be open early Term 2.
  • How do we win?
    A public vote will determine a winner for each State/Territory from the shortlisted designs, and winning primary schools will be announced in Term 2. These schools will be provided $750 worth of paint and supplies from Haymes Paint, and be given approx 10 weeks to complete their murals on their chosen external walls.
  • What do we win?

    There will be an unveiling of your mural masterpiece once it’s complete, and we encourage you to invite local council, media or members of your community. Your school will be awarded a Keep Australia Beautiful / Haymes Paint Plaque and a cash donation of $500.*

    The completed murals will then be posted on social media for a week of public voting to determine the overall National People’s Choice Award Winner for an additional $2000.*

You’ve chosen to


How your primary school decides to represent the natural environment and sustainability in your mural design is completely up to you.

We know you’ve got it in you! We can’t wait to see your amazing ideas!

So let’s go, let’s Paint Australia Beautiful together!!!

Register your interest for 2025, and stay up to date with the latest #PaintAustraliaBeautiful information.

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Ready to submit your primary school’s #PaintAustraliaBeautiful Mural?
Fill in your application and upload your proposed mural design and your wall of choice. From 5 Feb 2025.

You have until the end of Term 1 Holidays 2025 to submit your mural design. State/Territory finalists will be shortlisted and online voting will be open for 1 week early in Term 2. Winners will be announced early Term 2 2025.

*Terms and conditions apply: Competition open to all Australian primary schools (Registrants must be aged 18 years or over and have permission from the school to register). By submitting an entry, participants agree to the use of their name, video and/or image in any publicity material. Competition open from 8 February 2023 – 6 April 2023 at 5pm AEDT. Limit of one entry per school. Shortlist announced 20 April 2023. Public voting open from 20 April – 7 May 2023 5pm AEDT. Winners announced 10 May 2023, 5pm AEDT. Paint vouchers supplied mid May 2023. Deadline for completed murals 28 July. Read full terms and conditions.


GOOD NEWS! If you are an Eco-School, or are thinking about joining Eco-Schools, the Paint Australia Beautiful Campaign will count towards your accreditation as part of the “INFORMING & INVOLVING” step. Learn More.


Eco-Schools is the largest global sustainable schools program. Founded in 1994, it operates in 70 countries and engages 19.5 million young people globally.

The Eco-Schools program uses engaging, next generation action-based learning in a simple, seven step framework that guides, empowers and motivates pupils to drive change and improve environmental awareness in their school, local community and beyond. Learn More.