Stacey Passey


Stacey is from Worcester, England, home of Edward Elgar and Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. Gaining her BSc Biology degree from the University of Leeds fuelled her curiosity in the natural world and her passion for protecting it.

After an interesting start to her career fitting kid’s shoes at Clarks and selling ice-creams at Wimbledon, Stacey worked her way into the environmental charity sector by volunteering on community projects with UK charity, Groundwork. She progressed to Project Officer roles at Groundwork, and then at Keep Britain Tidy where Stacey was a project co-ordinator for the Eco-Schools program. Stacey enjoys this type of work because it means helping people of all ages and from all walks of life to make a positive contribution to their community and environment.

After taking herself on various adventures around the world – Italy, Greece, India, South East Asia and saving turtles in Central America – Stacey has now laid roots in Sydney as a Programs Manager for KABNA. Stacey currently manages Eco-Schools, Adopt a Patch and Litter Toolkit.

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