Supplying photos to Keep Australia Beautiful

How to submit a photo to us

  • At least 2 good quality photographs (per category) to illustrate your project in action.
  • Photos must be digital, high resolution files in JPEG or TIFF format and a minimum of 1MB in size. To be safe, set your camera on the highest resolution setting.
  • Try to take photos in landscape orientation (sideways) and make sure the date stamp on your camera is switched off.
  • Photos with people are preferable. Keep Australia Beautiful are about celebrating your dedication, commitment and achievements. We want to see you! Try to have fun, we welcome an amusing or unusual take on sustainability.
  • Please provide captions for all photos. Who is in the photo (first and last names) where you are, what you are doing.
  • Please do not insert or embed your photos into a word processing, publishing document or slide. Send them as separate files.
  • Photos may be used by Keep Australia Beautiful at any time in promotional activities, and all permissions relating to their use must be confirmed by you, prior to submission.

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