Dame Phyllis Frost Litter Prevention

This award recognises innovation and achievements in litter prevention or reduction through education, effecting litter management or behaviour change. It is for projects or programs that reduce or prevent litter and could involve behaviour change techniques, the creation of partnerships or networks or the development of effective infrastructure and place design.

Resource Recovery and Waste Management Award

This award recognises innovation and achievements in recycling or waste reduction including initiatives that conserve resources or recover and re-use materials.

Heritage and Culture Award

This award recognises outstanding commitment to the conservation and celebration of a community’s indigenous and non-indigenous heritage and culture.

Young Legends Award

This award recognises achievements by an individual or group/s of young people (under 25) who have demonstrated significant commitment to the environment and/or have made significant contributions to any of the other categories..



The Nhulunbuy Youth Council was formed in 2019 with the purpose to engage young people in Nhulunbuy Town Board’s decision-making processes and increase the Town Board’s understanding of young people’s perspectives and needs.

To date, members of the Youth Council have been greatly involved with traditional community events, as well as planning and facilitating very successful new events. The Youth Council also supports various sporting club activities, Nhulunbuy’s Cans and Bottle Recycling exchange for funds program and educational programs ranging from robotics to youth suicide.

The Nhulunbuy Youth Council demonstrates positive leadership mentoring to the young environmental and cultural champions in their local schools.

Environmental Sustainability – Energy Award

This award recognises leadership and innovation in energy conservation and management in the face of a changing environment.

Environmental Sustainability – Water Award

This award recognises leadership and innovation in water conservation and management for the future.

Environmental Sustainability – Natural Environment Management Award

This award recognises the protection, conservation and enhancement of the natural environment.

Environmental Communication and Engagement Award

This award recognises outstanding achievements in raising awareness in environmental sustainability, leading to empowerment and behaviour change amongst the target audience. Open projects from both formal and informal educational institutions, for example: community groups, business, childcare centres etc.

Community Health, Wellbeing and Interest Award

This award recognises initiatives for the health and well-being of a community building a strong, healthy vibrant and accessible community.



The community of Wilmot is made up of a group of people who demonstrate an enormous respect for their unique environment, their ancestry and for the well-being of those in their community.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and caring for others is the core of what ‘drives’ the Wilmot community. The people of Wilmot have taken a serious approach to the needs of those in their midst and have created a strong, vibrant, extremely liveable community.

More recent initiatives see committees and groups formed covering an extensive variety of interests, activities and sports. Home grown and home cooked food and produce plays an important role for residents of Wilmot and is generously shared among the community!




Beechworth (VIC)

Dame Phyllis Frost Litter Prevention

Beechworth (VIC)

Resource Recovery + Waste Management

Mount Gambier (SA)

Heritage + Culture

Nhulunbuy (NT)

Young Legends – Individual

Bella Burgemeister (Bunbury, WA)

Young Legends – Group

Nhulunbuy Youth Council (NT)

Environmental Sustainability – Energy

Beechworth (VIC)

Environmental Sustainability – Water

Murrurundi (NSW)

Environmental Sustainability – Natural Environment Management

Gympie (QLD)

Environmental Communication + Engagement

Beechworth (VIC)

Community Health, Wellbeing + Interest (Joint Winners)

Bunbury (WA) + Wilmot (TAS)

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