We’re thrilled to announce the overall winner of the 2024 Keep Australia Beautiful National Tidy Towns Awards is BEECHWORTH, VICTORIA!!

Nestled in the heart of Victoria’s High Country, Beechworth is a charming town steeped in history, beauty, and vibrant community spirit, captivating visitors with its rich heritage and diverse experiences. It has previously won four Victorian Tidy Town awards in 2009, 2014, 2017, 2019, as well as two national titles.

This year Beechworth impressed the judges with initiatives such as the Indigo Future Proof Action Group, the People of Beechworth Exhibition, and Beechworth Honey’s Bee School. The town continually demonstrates commitment to sustainability and community spirit that is sought by the National Tidy Towns Awards.

With its blend of history, natural beauty, and culinary delights, Beechworth offers an authentic and enriching experience for visitors.

Olivia Lynch, CEO of Keep Australia Beautiful National Association, expressed her admiration for Beechworth, stating, “Beechworth epitomises the transformative power of community-driven environmental endeavours. The relentless dedication and perseverance exhibited by these communities serve as a beacon of inspiration, urging all Australians to proactively engage in safeguarding and enriching our natural and urban landscapes, thereby fostering stronger, more resilient communities.”

“Beechworth has undeniably emerged as frontrunners in environmental stewardship, illuminating the path for communities nationwide. KAB extends heartfelt congratulations to Beechworth and all participants, finalists, and category champions, applauding their well-deserved victories and urging other towns and cities to emulate their exemplary efforts,” Lynch added.


An educational campaign or program that results in empowerment and positive behaviour change.


Bee School by Beechworth Honey

Bee School by Beechworth Honey offers an immersive educational platform focusing on bees, pollination, sustainability, and biodiversity. Tailored for schools and groups, Bee School provides enriching learning experiences suitable for all ages and abilities.

From hands-on hive explorations to discussions on food security, Bee School aims to raise awareness about the critical role of bees in our ecosystem. Led by qualified educators, sessions are aligned with Australian and Victorian curricula, ensuring educational relevance. With a vision to educate 18,000 students annually, Bee School seeks partnerships with organizations like the Wheen Bee Foundation to expand its impact.

The program aims to inspire students to support pollinators and make environmentally conscious choices. Positive feedback from teachers highlights increased student engagement and understanding of pollination and biodiversity. By instilling a love for bees and the environment, Bee School aims to empower future generations to advocate for biodiversity and food security, thereby leaving a positive legacy for generations to come.

Tidy Towns Sustainability Award HIGHLY COMMENDED


A Project that focuses on minimising what goes into landfill and assists in creating a circular economy.


Bin to Win (Centacare Evolve Housing & Brighton Council)

Centacare Evolve Housing partners with Brighton Council to host the annual Bin to Win event, promoting waste education and accessibility. The event offers interactive education and ensures minimal waste goes to landfill.

Together, the community removes over 80 carloads of waste, 200+ tyres, 50+ white goods, and 40+ mattresses.

This initiative reflects Centacare Evolve Housing’s dedication to sustainability and empowering its housing community.

Tidy Towns Sustainability Award HIGHLY COMMENDED


A project that contributes towards a more resilient, accessible community with healthier, happy people.


Pingelly Somerset Alliance

In November 2022, the Home Care Support Service (HCSS) initiative emerged from a collaboration between Pingelly Somerset Alliance Inc, Pingelly CRC, Incasa Country, and Mabel, revolutionising elderly care in rural communities.

This visionary project, driven by the Alliance’s commitment to elderly independence, has transformed lives and strengthened community bonds. Through essential services funded by home care packages, seniors can age in their homes, preserving dignity and connections. The Alliance’s dedication led to the creation of eight jobs and successful expos, engaging 138 participants from 30 communities.

The Virtual Village, spanning Wickepin, Wandering, and Pingelly, unites 180 members, fostering support and camaraderie. This pioneering initiative’s impact extends nationally, with 19 communities adopting similar models. By prioritising independence, community involvement, and tailored care, the Pingelly Somerset Alliance Inc sets a profound example of empowering rural communities and enhancing seniors’ well-being. Through collaborative efforts and innovative approaches, they’ve redefined elderly care paradigms, leaving a lasting legacy of inclusivity and support.

Tidy Towns Sustainability Award HIGHLY COMMENDED


A project that recognises outstanding commitment to the conservation and celebration of a community’s heritage and culture.

A collaborative effort between the Burke Museum and the local community, serving as a beacon of resilience and connection in the face of adversity. Following the challenges of bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, the project aimed to rebuild community spirit by celebrating the diverse stories of ten modern community members alongside the rich history of Beechworth.

Through a complete museum refit and the integration of multimedia elements, visitors are offered an immersive and interactive experience, fostering a deeper connection to the town’s heritage. The exhibition’s modular layout ensures ongoing relevance and inclusivity, with stories and portraits regularly refreshed to reflect the evolving community.

Embracing multiculturalism and Indigenous perspectives, the project highlights the town’s vibrant tapestry of identities and experiences. By engaging visitors of all ages and backgrounds, the People of Beechworth exhibition not only educates but also inspires a sense of belonging and pride in shaping local history. Through innovative storytelling and interactive exploration, the project exemplifies the transformative power of museums in fostering cultural awareness and community connection.

Tidy Towns Sustainability Award HIGHLY COMMENDED


A project that takes action to address local litter issues around prevention and reduction.


Banishing Bathurst Butts

In collaboration with Bathurst Base Hospital, Bathurst Regional Council launched a successful cigarette litter reduction project, slashing litter by 85% across hospital and suburban sites in 2023. Titled “Banishing Bathurst Butts Beyond the CBD,” this initiative builds upon the council’s previous success in decreasing cigarette litter within the CBD.

Despite challenges posed by smoke-free legislation and hospital policies, innovative strategies were devised, including improved infrastructure and educational signage compliant with regulations. Surveys and site investigations underscored the project’s necessity, with initial litter checks revealing significant butt volumes. The project surpassed its objectives, increasing binning rates by 87.9% and achieving a 93.7% reduction in CBD litter.

Partnering with stakeholders such as NSW EPA and NSW Health was pivotal in overcoming constraints and ensuring project success. Adaptive planning and innovative design were central to navigating legislative limitations, with resources now available for similar projects nationwide. This collaborative effort demonstrates the power of partnerships in addressing environmental challenges and underscores Bathurst’s commitment to sustainability.

Tidy Towns Sustainability Award HIGHLY COMMENDED


A project that contributes to a more sustainable environment through initiatives such as water and energy conservation and increasing biodiversity.


Hermannsburg Environmental Sustainability

Ntaria (Hermannsburg) embarks on a profound journey towards environmental sustainability, rooted in a connection with nature and a steadfast commitment to preserving the region’s unique ecosystem. The introduction of Groasis Waterboxx technology signifies a transformative leap in Ntaria (Hermannsburg) and their sustainability efforts, addressing arid land regeneration by providing a self-sustaining water supply for young plants.

This innovative approach fosters biodiversity, restores habitats, and supports wildlife conservation. The commitment extends beyond individual projects, with initiatives like the “5000 Plants in 5 Years” initiative aiming to reintroduce native flora and combat desertification. Cultural heritage programs and strategic water conservation efforts further solidify Ntaria (Hermannsburg) as a leader in sustainable land management, setting an inspiring example for environmental preservation worldwide.

The collaboration with the Central Land Council and the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory underscores the dedication of Ntaria (Hermannsburg) to holistic ecosystem management, ensuring a harmonious relationship between the community and the natural world.

Tidy Towns Sustainability Award HIGHLY COMMENDED


A local hero who stands out in the community for taking steps towards a more sustainable future.


Joselle Griffin (Australian Red Cross Tasmania)

Joselle Griffin, a Bridgewater native, embodies community empowerment through participatory approaches rooted in her Tasmanian Aboriginal heritage. As a place-based worker at the Australian Red Cross Tasmania, she champions Asset Based Community Development, fostering grassroots initiatives like the Brighton Community Food Hub.

Rejecting top-down methods, Joselle emphasizes community-driven solutions, believing in the transformative power of local action. From her youth at Bridgewater High School to her role in crisis intervention and community development, Joselle’s journey reflects a lifelong commitment to social justice and empowerment. Her work epitomizes the belief that lasting change springs from within communities, making her a catalyst for positive transformation in Bridgewater and beyond.

Tidy Towns Sustainability Award HIGHLY COMMENDED


Awarded to an individual or group of people all 25 years or younger who demonstrate an outstanding contribution to any of the categories.


Indigo Future Proof Action Group

The Indigo Future Proof Action Group, formed in 2023, comprises nine young people from across Indigo Shire, focused on enhancing youth preparedness for emergencies. Through training in emergency management and advocacy, the group aims to empower young agents of change.

At the Spring Ditch event in March 2023, the group hosted activities fostering natural disaster awareness, like a ‘Spin the Wheel’ trivia game. In December, they organized the all-ages music festival “Unite Indigo” to foster community cohesion, filling a gap in regional Victoria’s music scene. Led by peer and youth workers, the group builds confidence and self-belief, nurturing event planning and organizational skills. With council support and funding, they amplify youth voices and create impactful projects.

The group’s autonomy in decision-making empowers them to address community needs, like creating resources for bushfire preparedness. Through collaborative efforts and tailored training, members develop skills and contribute to a more resilient and connected Indigo Shire community.

Tidy Towns Sustainability Award HIGHLY COMMENDED