As a volunteer, you can help make your community a more environmentally healthy, vibrant, and inclusive community by participating in a range of simple, on-the-ground activities.


Why not get your school, sports team, neighbours, or workplace involved in a neighbourhood litter clean-up? By undertaking a clean-up, you can identify key litter issues and work together to find ways to reduce waste and litter in your area. 

The ability to contribute to the positive work Keep Australia Beautiful does every day gives me a true sense of purpose beyond my regular day job. Giving back to the community and working with such a wonderful group of likeminded volunteers is a gift.

Bianca Smith, Marketing & Social Media Volunteer

Volunteering at Keep Australia Beautiful NSW is important for me because I get to contribute to the wonderful efforts by KAB towards a society that cares for and has knowledge of sustainability, and I get to work with amazing people. It is also an opportunity for me to learn and grow.

Ray Anthony Marañon, Admin Officer Volunteer

Volunteering at Keep Australia Beautiful has greatly contributed to my personal and professional development. Now more than ever, it’s important to be educating people about how to keep our environment clean and safe. I am privileged to be part of this iconic establishment and work with such amazing people.

Argel Flores Ruz, Creative Lead Volunteer

I enjoy contributing to KAB through grant writing in the hope that major funding will flow. Unsurprisingly wins are fewer than I’d like. I’m glad I contribute to an organisation that aims to improve the environment in which we all live.

Andrew Litchfield, Grant Writer Volunteer