YRE Litter Less Campaign

The 2018 YRE Litter Less Campaign, supported by Wrigleys, aims to reduce litter and affect long-term behaviour change among Australian primary school students.

By investigating an environmental issue relating to litter in their local community and sharing their findings via written, photographic or video journalism students will raise awareness of the effect of litter on the local environment and local community.

How Does it Work?

  • Students pick an environmental topic relating to litter, investigate it, and then report on it using one of three categories:  Writing, Photography and Film
  • Students organise a ‘Community Action Day’ where they raise awareness of an environmental litter issue to the whole school and/or wider community
  • Students are then invited to submit their assignments to the YRE competition for a chance to win fantastic prizes and the opportunity to attend a ‘winners workshop’ and award ceremony
  • Australian winners and runner-ups for each category will be entered into the 2018 YRE competition.

Entry Criteria

In order for your article, photo or video to be eligible for entry in the YRE Litter Less Campaign Australian Competition, there are a few criteria you should adhere to.

Your piece should investigate a local environmental issue/problem based on the theme of litter, propose possible solutions and then report through writing, photos, or video.

  • Written articles should be no more than 1,000 words and can include illustrations and photos. All sources used must be referenced. Any photos and illustrations that are not original work must be credited and have permission for usage.
  • Photos can be submitted alone or as part of a series/photo essay. Photos must be original work and should have a title and description of no more than 150 words to explain the link with environmental sustainability and/or a solution to the problem/issue.
  • Videos should be no more than 3 minutes long and should be in documentary, reporter/interview style or PSA format. Videos should have a title and description and should be compatible with YouTube or Vimeo. Any photos and music which are not original must be credited and have permission for usage.

Students may submit more than one piece and can work individually or in small groups.

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